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The choice of Live Casino Online India should be based on the following criteria:

  1. Convenience and comfort of the casino itself and its interface;
  2. Rich assortment of entertainment and games;
  3. Availability of bonus and promotional proposals;
  4. Available deposit and output methods.

Comfort casino is defined solely intuitive for each user. Going to the new Live Dealer Online Casino for the first time, the player understands whether it is suitable for him from the point of view of the design and simplicity of the interface. The greater the range of entertainment for the user, the easier it will enjoy the gameplay, namely, the millions of players around the world come to the online casino. Bonus offers are allowed to quickly break into the game and get additional money winnings from the very beginning. Among the most tempting bonuses that exist at the moment, freespin can be distinguished, cashback and additional money that the casino «gives» for deposits. Some casinos offer weekly bonuses, others use a loyalty program, and the third focus their attention on newbies, giving them prizes. Do not forget about how important it is to pay attention to ways to enter and output money. Commissions for the conclusion, the minimum amount that can be booked for withdrawal — all this plays an important role when choosing Live Casino.

How We Rate the Best Live Dealer Casinos

Our service provides an objective assessment for each live dealer online casino. When drawing up ratings, our specialists pay attention to the following details:

  • Security and security;
  • Bonuses;
  • The quality of games and providers with which the casino collaborates;
  • Gearbox reviews;
  • Speed and convenience cash transactions;
  • Technical support, quality and service speed.

By selecting a casino on these criteria, we can declare that we provide our customers only the best and proven casinos. Stripping from these factors, our specialists issue an honest and unbiased assessment to all casinos.

How do Live Casinos Work?

What is the difference between the Online Casino with Live Dealer from the usual casino on the Internet? Standard online casinos in their games are used by a random number generator in their games. Cards are distributed randomly with the help of specially prescribed by the developers of mechanics. Simply put, the player presses the buttons, and the mechanics are calculated automatically. In the case of Online Live Casino India, the process distribution process is the responsibility of the dealer, and not artificial intelligence. A player can independently observe how the dealer distributes the cards using live broadcast or stream. By the way, it is not necessary to spell out the player cards in Live Games. Roulette or dice are also managed by a dealer, and the player has the opportunity to make sure that the person sitting on the other side of the screen, everything is honest and without cheating.

Among other things, in most such games, the emphasis is placed on realism, which is reflected in communicating with the client. For example, a dealer can conduct a dialogue with a player, explaining or emotionally expressing about the success or failure of the gambler. All this gives additional emotions to the player, which feels like playing not with AI, but a real person.

Often, several people can participate in live dealers in games, as in the real part of poker, for example. This adds a competitive effect to the game, thanks to which the gembler does not bother, and will feel new emotions from the game.

How to Play Live Casino Games

  1. Sign up in one of the casinos you enjoyed. Using our service, you can learn in advance about the game club all the necessary information, such as the presence of bonuses, information about the withdrawal of funds, assortment, etc. After registration, some casinos provide a whole package of bonuses that can be very useful for beginners at the start.
  2. After that, connect your own bank card or online wallet to be able to make the first deposit. Absolutely all Online Casino with Live Dealer provide the opportunity for customers to get bonus money for the first deposit, so it is impossible to take this opportunity. Make the first deposit, after completing your account in the casino and go to the next stage.
  3. Choose your favorite game in the section «Live Casino Games Online». Try and experiment, pushing out from what kind of dealer and game you like the most. Before playing, read the rules of the game itself, rates and winnings.
  4. Wait until the game starts, turn on the broadcast and follow the dealer’s instructions. Remember that if you have any questions about the gameplay, they can always be asked for a leading dealer who will tell you how to bet, for example.

Live Dealer Game Types

  • Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular games on online casinos in the Live Games section. Famous poker, in which you need to collect combinations of general cards lying on the table, as well as two personal cards that are available to each player. Your task is to collect the largest combination, having gained winning from all bets from other players.
  • Live Dealer Baccarat Online Casino enjoys great demand. The goal of the game to Bakkar — to gain a combination of cards with a total number of points 9 or as close to 9 as possible. The ace is counted for one point, cards from 2 to 9 — at face value, figures and dozens give zero glasses. If the total amount is 10 or more, 10 from it is subtracted, and the residue is taken into account when the results count.
  • Live Blackjack Online Casino is fast, but very exciting and gambling, where the player needs to collect 21 points using playing cards for this. It is important not to go through the number of cards, because then the player automatically loses, but also not to take too little, otherwise another player or dealer will beat you, collecting a combination, closer to 21 than you.
  • Online Live Roulette Casino Game pleases lovers of gambling, who are not bent on playing with luck. The wheel is unwinding, inside which a lot of values and a gaming ball. The player needs to put in advance on red, black, paired or unpaid meanings or even for a certain meaning to trim the jackpot.
  • Omaha differs from the usual poker by the fact that in the hands of the player from the start not two, but four cards. The combination can be made up of a maximum of two cards in hand and three on the table.

Bonuses at Online Casinos

  • Online Casino No Deposit Bonus is most often the freakies that can be spent on familiarizing with new slot machines. With their help, you can win real money without spending a cent.
  • Bonuses for the deposit of themselves represent additional payments to the bonus account, which then can be translated into real money and make bets using them. The only condition is that such bonus money will need to be wagered.
  • Cashback is used as an additional Online Casino Bonus provided to active users. With its help, the player can get the percentage of funds that were spent on the rates in which he lost.
  • Welcome Bonus in Live Casino is considered sufficiently useful, as they allow novice player to break into the game. Such bonuses can go to kits, offering both bonuses for deposit and freebies.
  • Bonuses An Online Casinos are issued on birthdays. Having replenished your account on your birthday, the player can get a special gift from the casino. In each game institution, this gift is different.

How to make deposits?

First you need to choose exactly the casino on the cryptocurrency that you like. Making it with the help of our service will be simple enough, so you can make the first Deposit At Online Casinos immediately after the registration process is passing. After registration, connect the wallet to the casino game service at the checkout. In case you do not have a wallet, we recommend creating it in advance, since this process can take several days. After you have connected your wallet, make your deposit at the “Cashier”.

Withdraw at online casino

You can also display the win in the «Cashier» section. There will indicate how much money has been accumulated by you now, and there is a button next to «Output gain». Note that you will have problems with the output, if the purse is not tied to the account or the verification process is not yet complete. In addition, keep in mind that the request processing speed may not be instantaneous, so withdraw at online casino can take some time. In any case, technical support operators always prompt the player, why money does not reach an online wallet or a bank card.


Does live casino have real dealers?

Providers are engaged in the development of Live games and they provide real dealers for their games.

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Are Online casinos legal in India?

Yes, gambling activity in India is permitted.

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Is playing live casino Games safe?

Live Casino Games are fully safe and tested by license holders.

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Can I play live casino online for real money?

Yes, you can. All live casinos provide opportunities to play for real money.

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